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District Manager

Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District

This is a high-tempo, full-time leadership position responsible for the District, ensuring smooth operations, and supporting and reporting to a publicly elected Board. The District Manager works independently and takes initiative, consulting with the Board Chair as needed. It is a full-time, salaried exempt position working out of the Met Rec  District offices in Gunnison.
The District Manager position constitutes at will employment, and the District Manager serves at the pleasure of the Board.

The following constitutes a general description of the District Manager’s duties and responsibilities to the District. However, the Board reserves the right to modify the District Manager’s duties and responsibilities at any time.

• To give direction and leadership to the development and achievement of the District’s mission, vision, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives;
• To catalyze positive recreation impacts within the district beyond the district’s financial support of recreation initiatives;
• To ensure effective operations of the district, including the provision of television services to residents of the district and compliance with all local, state, federal regulations and other legal requirements;
• To work with the Board Chair and the Board to enable the Board to fulfill its governance role, including fiduciary oversight.
• To coordinate all elections, including managing designated election officials, filing all necessary documents, managing ballot language, and handling voter rolls.

Major Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Board Administration and Support

The District Manager functions as the chief executive officer of the District. The District Manager supports operations and administration of the Board by providing the advice and the information the Board needs to effectively oversee the District and conduct strategic planning for the District. The District Manager serves as the interface between Board and staff. Because this is a publicly elected Board, the District Manager adapts as elections bring in Board members with varying perspectives. The District Manager consults with the District’s legal counsel as necessary to ensure all legal requirements are met with respect to the District’s operations, and that Board members have appropriate training and legal guidance. The District Manager is responsible for the preparation of agendas, board packets, and related materials for all Board meetings and is required to attend all Board meetings.

Leadership and Operations

The District Manager is responsible taking the lead in ensuring the delivery of quality television services to the District’s residents and catalyzing positive recreational impacts within the District. With input for the Board and other interested parties, the District Manager develops plans, goals and objectives for District projects in either the television translation or recreational areas. The District Manager is responsible for bringing proposed plans to the District Board for approval and provide progress reports on the status of approved projects. The District Manager is responsible for operating the District in accordance with Colorado law and the District’s governing documents.

Financial, Tax, Risk, Regulatory Compliance, and Elections

The District Manager ensures the district is fiscally sound. S/he recommends a yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages the organizations risks and resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations. The District Manager provides monthly financial reports to the Board and as appropriate, seeks approval or notifies the Board of significant variations from the budget. The District Manager is required to work closely with the Board treasurer on financial matters such as monthly reconciliation, audits, and other financial items. S/he ensures appropriate internal controls are exercised in the use of funds. Because tax payer dollars are involved, the District Manager provides strong and transparent financial reporting, and publicly identifies potential conflicts of interest. The District M provides oversight or administration of payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other financial functions. The District Manager is primarily responsible for all regulatory compliance and governmental reporting (for instance, to the State of Colorado, Gunnison and Saguache Counties, and the FCC). The District Manager conducts, or causes others to conduct, all election activity in accordance with applicable law.

The District Manager maintains official correspondence and is responsible for all of the records and reports of the District (both physical and electronic) as its official records custodian.

Human Resource Management

The District Manager ensures the district has personnel policies, procedures, and practices that fully conform to current laws and regulations and effectively manages the human resources of the organization according to those policies. S/he directly supervises activities of the staff and is responsible for employment, promotion, and termination of the Staff. The District Manager is also responsible for working with contractors and consultants of the District. The District Manager provides regular updates to the Board on the performance of District employees, contractors, and consultants.

Communication and Public Relations

The District Manager assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in a strong positive image to relevant stakeholders.  The District Manager acts as primary liaison with various governmental entities, community organizations, constituents, and serves as the chief spokesperson of the District. The District Manager is responsible for attending meetings of organizations that work with, provide funds for, or receive funds from the District as it pertains recreational opportunities, television services, and programs related to District goals. The District Manager is also responsible for attending meeting of the Sub-District Advisory Committees.


Strong skills in use of financial accounting software (Quickbooks) and Office Automation (Microsoft Office). Experience in working for elected or non-profit Board of Directors. Proven ability to lead projects to successful completion. Knowledge of State of Colorado Statues relating to Special Districts and Open Meeting and Open Records Law is desired. Ability to work cooperatively with multiple entities on projects.

Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District

Vision and Mission



To improve our citizens quality of life by promoting vital recreation opportunities.


To provide high-quality over the air TV service and strategic leadership that leverages innovative partnerships to accomplish vital recreation opportunities for our communities.