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Gunnison Metropolitan Recreation District

2019 Grant Cycle
Request for Proposals

The Gunnison Metropolitan Recreation District (“District”) will consider funding requests for recreation projects that help fulfill the District’s mission to: “Provide high-quality over the air TV service and strategic leadership that leverages innovative partnerships to accomplish vital recreation opportunities for our communities.” For 2019, the District Board appropriated approximately $100,000 for its recreation grant cycle. Grant requests must be submitted to the District in writing in compliance with the following criteria:
General Guidance & Grant Information:

● Please refer to the attached rubric when completing your application.
● Please answer each required question concisely and directly.
● While operating expenses are eligible for these grant funds, you must show them to be a necessary, valid expense that aligns with Met Rec’s goals. Operating expenses will face greater scrutiny than durable projects with lasting impact.
● If you are funded this year, there is no guarantee of funding next year. Every applicant must reapply each year and may or may not be granted funds for similar or different projects.

Eligible Applicants:

Local governmental organizations, special districts, and non-profit organizations are eligible.

Project Budget and Match Requirements:

The project applicant is required to commit financially to the project to apply. A match of 25% of the total project cost is required, 10% of which must be a cash match. The typical awards will be in the $2,000 – $5,000 range, with consideration for requests up to $10,000.

Application Process & Timeline:

● May 7, 2019: District Request for Proposals posted
● May 31, 2019: Grant Applications due
● After receiving an application, the District Board, in consultation with the North and South Sub-District Advisory Committees will review, score and rank applications based upon responses to the questions and the proposal’s alignment with the RFP rubric (attached).
● June 19, 2019: Grants awarded
● The District can only reimburse grant funds for work that is initiated and completed AFTER the execution of the grant contract. Grantees are allowed up to 1 year from the award date to complete their project.

Application Instructions:

In one-page maximum, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of your organization and what is its mission?
  2. How does your organization help fulfill the District’s mission?
  3. How much is your grant request?
  4. What will these funds be used for?
  5. How does this use align with the District Grant Funding rubric (see attached rubric)?
  6. Is your organization a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a government or municipality, or special district?
  7. Provide a project budget and budget narrative as a separate document.
  8. If you were awarded less than the amount requested, could you still use these funds?


District Grant Funding Rubric





Fills an Un-met Community Need

Creates new opportunities for residents to recreate. Or contributes to stewardship programs that facilitate recreation.


Impacts Diverse User Group

Impacts a broad demographic spectrum.



Community Impact

Supports an amenity that serves Gunnison Valley residents regardless of municipality borders.


Provides Recreational Access for Underserved Communities.

Project/Program designs represent creative ideas that reflect underserved communities’ needs and interests.


High Visibility

Met Rec logo & name featured on signs where possible, in marketing materials, press releases, social media, public acknowledgment, etc.


Connects Communities 

Projects that connect communities and create human-powered corridors.


Meets Strategic Funding Gaps

Fills funding gaps for projects that have historically been funded for projects and maintenance.

Questions about this RFP should be directed to Director Derrick Nehrenberg –